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WorkOnIT is a platform for helping you build performance support within your organization. Watch our overview to learn how.

Continuous learning

WorkOnIT is specifically designed to extend the effectiveness of training programs and to create a real-time interactive connection between the coach/mentor/supervisor and the employee. 

Support and Track

Connect your goals with those that can support you. WorkOnIT handles the real-time flow of information allowing for a high level of performance support every day.

Not just an app – a complete mobile system for development

One of the key features of WorkOnIT is that the mobile platform allows for a simple and efficient collection of information that helps to better track the effectiveness of all your training initatives. Want to know how your training is being implemented to the work? WorkOnIT will tell you….



Need more informatoin? Download our White Papers on using WorkOnIT.


Tracking KPIs/OKRs

Learn how to use WorkOnIT to establish goals and actions to support your KPIs/OKRs to drive better performance with mobile technology.


Connecting Face-to-Face

Learn how to use WorkOnIT to support your face-to-face trainings and at the same time determine ROI and the success of your learning initiatives through a simple mobile platform.


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WorkOnIT Features

Goal Based


Connecting your training initiatives to individual, specific goals that are tracked over time, drives performance and provides true ROI on training.


WorkOnIT employees the latest security measures to ensure your data is secure, from the physical to the application. Your data is always in your control.

Track Trends

Track the trends in learning in your organization. Understand what people are putting to use, and what they still are not understanding.

Let Us Help

Need help? We offer consulting and content services to help you develop successful mobile learning.

Social Learning

We support all major mobile platforms natively. Not just HTML mobile pages, but full native apps that are fast and full-featured.

Native Mobile

We support all major mobile platforms natively. Not just HTML mobile pages, but full native apps that are fast and full-featured.

Determine ROI

Determine the ROI of any training investment. Simply connect and track goals in WorkOnIT and you will have numbers to determine ROI.


With our REST API you can connect to our backend and pull data from our system into any of your existing systems quickly and simply.

Bite Size Learning

WorkOnIT helps drive better use of your learning content day-to-day by mobilizing and contextualizing it for your people.


Built on industry standard Amazon Web services, scalable to 100s of thousands of users with redundant servers to protect your service.

Mobilize Your Content

Mobilize your existing learning content to make it available anywhere at anytime on the job. Our content system makes it easy and fast.


We offer full service customization of our mobile learning platform. If you have a vision for your mobile learning, we can help you realize it.